Coalition Grants

Coalition Grants 

The Coalition has been working on four grants it has received: 

The Hudson River Estuary Program (HREP) habitat restoration assessment has looked at 2-3 sites on publicly-owned land along the Saw Mill River from Farragut Avenue to Woois working with Sven Hoeger, stream habitat specialist, to coordinate the project. River RAT (Restoration Action Team) training and field work was done May 19th. Westchester County Parks has donated staff time to complete additional flora and fauna assessments in June. Our goal is to apply for a restoration grant for 2008 to fund the actual work to revitalize and improve the river environment.   

We hope that the following two grants help us identify sections of the river that are vital to the health of the river and to work on ways of protecting them (through easements, purchase, restoration, municipal ordinances, etc.):

The Coalition’s EPA funded watershed-wide wetlands study will be used to bring together all the information on wetlands within our river towns—and share that on a watershed-wide basis. The land use survey, funded by the State’s HREP, will help us map what land is actually being used for along the river, its zoning and property ownership. A Saunders High School student is making this a senior project, and several Ardsley High School and Hastings High School seniors will also focus on this for their senior community service internship. Finally, we have a Yonkers High School student as an intern this summer to complete the work. For both grants, we hope that sharing the information amongst our villages will lead to better decisions about what properties are used for. We have begun working with the County Planning Department on these projects. 

The Saw Mill to Hudson River interpretative trail study will focus on the sections of the Saw Mill River in Yonkers that will be “daylighted”—uncovered. We’ll pull together a group of people to help us focus on cultural, historical, industrial, environmental and recreational aspects that need to be covered in interpretative signs and activities. Please let us know if you would like to join this group. First meeting will be in November 2007. Funded through  the Hudson River Foundation.

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