Looking for Vine “Lookers”

We’re working with the state invasive plant folks—as many of you know who have been out cutting porcelain berry, multiflora rose, and oriental bittersweet. Well, there’s yet another very aggressive vine—mile-a-minute—which is rearing its ugly leaf.  

 This vine grows up to 6 inches a day – forming a dense mat and preventing light from reaching native plants. The concern is trying to monitor the watershed and pull it out as soon as we see it.   

This is a CRITICAL TIME, as the plant sets seed in late summer—So, we are asking those of you who can to:

Learn what it looks like — Copy & Paste this link:

See mile-a-minute work sessions where you can learn how to identify it.

“LOOK” for it when you are out and about on the South or North County Trailway, in any of the parks you picnic in, etc.
Report it to us.           

It is close to us, and we want to eradicate it as soon as we see it. Here are opportunities to learn first hand and also pull the darn stuff:  


Saturdays, July 7, 11, 19, & 27 at Ward Pound Ridge 10:00AM – 12:30PM
Saturday, July 21 at Rockland Lake State Park 9:00AM – 11:00AM


Help pull before it spreads to Hook Mountain.    

New volunteers will learn how to identify mile-a-minute vine, an invasive plant which is spreading rapidly in Westchester County. 

RSVP by 3:00 Friday before to laweyene@gw.dec.state.ny.us or 845-889-4745 x115

For more information:
Laura Weyeneth
SCA Intern/Invasive Plants Educator
Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Norrie Point Environmental Center
P.O. Box 315256 Norrie Point Way
Staatsburg, NY 
12580845-889-4745 x115

Vine Cutting resumes in October!

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