Help Us Clean-Up the Saw Mill River!

Are you concerned about all of the trash you see on the streets and on our urban trails? Have you ever seen trash in the Saw Mill River and had the urge to get them out? Are you worried about the negative impact this trash could have on local wildlife? Want to get your hands dirty while cleaning up the environment? If so, it’s time to plan your Fall clean-up! If you are in a group that participated in “The Great Saw Mill River Clean-Up” last May or are interested in helping to clean-up the Saw Mill River Watershed, please contact

Let us know if you, your business, your school, or your community group would like to form a River Stewardship team and adopt a section of the Saw Mill River, a local street in the watershed, or any area along the Saw Mill River!

The Saw Mill River Coalition will help you plan your clean-up and supply all needed materials. If your group commits to doing a couple of clean-ups each year, we can give you picker-uppers and other necessary tools. If you are interested, we can also make a presentation to your group. Let’s think globally and act locally by turning the Saw Mill Watershed into a trash-free zone. This is a great volunteer/community service opportunity and we need your help! Click Here

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