Program and Mission

The Saw Mill River Coalition is a dynamic partnership of nonprofit groups, government agencies, municipalities, and business committed to revitalizing and protecting the Saw Mill River,a tributary of the Hudson River. The Coalition was established in 2001 to rebuild river advocacy in lower Westchester County communities through which the river flows.  We are a program of Groundwork Hudson Valley, a non-profit environmental organization located in Yonkers, New York.

Our work aims to restore and protect the Saw Mill River though improving water quality, encouraging sustainable land use, restoring habitat and wildlife, promoting recreational opportunities, and raising awareness of the river’s history and significance.

Community input is critical to this effort. If you see areas that would benefit from restoration, or may know of partners that could assist us at all stages of work, please do not hesitate to contact us with specific site suggestions.

Viewing rivers both as public assets and as natural habitats in need of conservation, our mission is to help people revitalize, protect, and enjoy the Saw Mill River in their own communities.

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