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Wildlife in the Park

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Recently, a family of mallard ducks was seen at the day lighted Saw Mill River at Van der Donck Park. Male mallards are easily spotted by their green colored head while females are a speckled brown. Make Way for Ducklings is a well-known book published in 1941 about a family of mallard ducks that decides to nest in middle of Boston Public Garden.

Mallard Ducks

People also spotted a night heron and a beaver. Night herons have brown or grey plumage and most have a black crown. They are called night herons because they feed predominantly at night. Beavers are best known for building dams in rivers and streams. They are primarily nocturnal, most active at night, and semi-aquatic. In North America, going back to the Native Americans and as recently as the 1970s, beavers have been trapped for their pelts which were made into various clothing items.

20140619_181324  beaver



“Tale of the Saw Mill” article features Groundwork!

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Check out this great article on the history of the Saw Mill River in Yonkers, spanning from pre-Colombian times to Groundwork’s daylighting of the river at Larkin Plaza and future plans for restoration projects.

The article also features Ann-Marie Mitroff, our Director of River Programs!

Click here to read it!


EPA awards grant for “Eyes on River” in Yonkers!

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

The Saw Mill River in Yonkers will soon have new “eyes on the river”–to watch changes, test water quality, and bring people to the river to clean up and restore the river banks from Ann St. to Tuckahoe Road, including the section of the river around War Memorial Field. A 2-year grant of $51,000 awarded to Groundwork Hudson Valley’s Saw Mill River Coalition, will build a group of local stewards for the river and work with the neighborhoods in “visioning” the river through their area. For more information on participating, please contact Ann-Marie Mitroff, River Program Director at (914) 375-2151, or


Article on Daylighting Celebration in the Journal News, December 7, 2011

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

The Journal News highlights the December 6 ceremony, hosted by Yonkers Mayor Phillip Amicone, celebrating the completion of the first phase of the daylighting project.   Read the article here.


Monday, April 18th, 2011

Follow the links below to download the PDF files:

Science Barge Docks at its New Home (08)

Restoration effort takes root along river (05/23/08)

Fish study at park turns up endangered eel (08/29/08)

Yonkers Should Support Daylighting (9/05/08)

Countdown to Riverfest (9/05/08)

Yonkers groups deliver wish list (09/15/08)

It’a solar, green and it floats (11/22/08)

Soil-free farming, As Praticed on Board (11/23/08)

GWHV Received a Federal Grant (12/04/08)

Rehab of Little River Receives Big Boost (12/5/08)

Uncovering an Urban River (Winter 08/09)



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