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Rain Garden In Ardsley

Ardsley rain garden

Demonstration Green Infrastructure Projects Begin

The Saw Mill River Coalition has received two grants (one from EPA in 2008, the other from NYS DEC in 2009) which included money to fund “green” infrastructure demonstration projects. Collaboration with the Village of Ardsley, the Rivertowns Lions Club, and the Ardsley Garden Club resulted in the installation of a small rain garden in late June 2010. The garden adjoins the south side of the Lion’s Club bus shelter in Ardsley near the intersection of Ashford Avenue and Route 9A.

A rain garden is a planted depression that allows rainwater runoff from impervious surfaces (e.g. roofs, walkways, driveways, compacted lawn areas) to soak into the ground as opposed to flowing directly into storm drains and surface waters which can result in erosion, water pollution and flooding.

Sven Hoeger, President of Creative Habitats Corp., designed the rain garden and over saw its installation by a team of workers from Americorps Badger 4. William Rose from the Groundwork Hudson Valley Job Training Program repainted the bus shelter which the Lions Club built several years ago. Gutters and downspouts were also installed on the bus shelter. Special thanks for their time and assistance goes to Arlene Westin of the Ardsley Garden Club, Haritt Jassel, President of the Riverstowns Lions Club, and Al Krautter, owner of Sprain Brook Nursery.

Educational signage will be installed at the bus shelter to explain the purpose and design of the rain garden as well as to recognize the project partners. It is hoped that the public will see that they can easily install a rain garden on their property.

A rain garden was also installed this summer along the South County Trailway at the Farragut Avenue parking lot in Hastings. The Coalition has also been working with the Town of Mt. Pleasant Highway Department on the design of rain gardens at its main garage on Columbus Avenue in Thornwood. Planting is expected to take place in early October.

The Coalition is looking for other demonstration sites so if you have a candidate, please contact Ann-Marie Mitroff or Lynn Oliva.

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