Riverkeeper is an independent, member-supported environmental organization.  Their mission is to protect the environmental, recreational and commercial integrity of the Hudson River and its tributaries, and to safeguard New York City’s and Westchester County’s drinking water supply.  Riverkeeper often works in collaboration with other organizations and has formed an important partnership with the Saw Mill River Coalition.

In January 2005, American Sugar Refining Inc., a company that produces sugar for Domino Sugar and located on the Saw Mill River, pled guilty to a criminal pollution charge for spilling hydrochloric acid into the Hudson River in Yonkers in 2003. The charges resulted in a $100,000 mandatory donation to Riverkeeper.  Riverkeeper gave its portion of the penalty to the Saw Mill River Coalition for implementation of local projects in Yonkers working towards the Saw Mill River’s restoration.  Riverkeeper continues to work with the Saw Mill River Coalition on water pollution issues affecting the Saw Mill River Watershed.

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