Internships/Volunteer Assistants

These “positions” would entail 3 or more hours a week and assist the Coalition Coordinator in managing the Saw Mill River projects. Review the list below and contact Ann-Marie at 914-375-2151 or email: This could work into college or high school internship requirements (or interests) or be a more substantial volunteer opportunity for someone who seeks a fuller commitment to or experience in an organization.

1. Daylighting: The Saw Mill River has been built over as well as been put in a concrete flume for approximately the last ½ mile before it reaches the Hudson River. Redevelopment in Yonkers will “daylight” at least two sections of the river. The Coalition proposes to have a dedicated person under the guidance of the Coalition Coordinator, the Community Development Director, and the Executive Director, to work with other non-profits, the developer, and individual citizens, in how the project will “connect” to the cultural, historic, architectural, recreational, and artistic elements of Yonkers. The Coalition would propose a “work group” to meet monthly on this project.
Example tasks: Identify people for group, convene the meetings, assist in developing the process for input, assist in documenting the process and writing any reports.

2. Website updating & blog management: Our website is a place we want to keep active and update information as we get it so that people can USE the site and it is USEFUL to them. We also want to link with other sites doing river restoration work, river education, and water quality work. In addition, managing a weblog (Blog) about a particular topic–for instance, sites people see pollution/trash–would be helpful to us here at the office since we are all working part-time.

3. Wetlands & Land Use Documentation: The Coalition has received two (2) grants to assist us in identifying/cataloging wetlands throughout the watershed as well as land use along the river (by parcel/municipality). The position would be working with municipal staff (12 municipalities in the watershed) as well as county staff on the project.
Example tasks: Convening meetings, assisting in identifying municipal staff, managing documents, general “mapping” (not GIS, but sketching), assisting in developing criteria to rank importance of land use (e.g. function of wetland).

4. Free-A-Tree/Restoration Project: The Coalition has grants to work on both removing invasive plants along the river & parkway, as well as to assess riparian corridors for restoration and to actually implement restoration in a few sites. The position would be (a) assisting our Volunteer Coordinator in working with the volunteers (for the Free-A-Tree NYS DOT Adopt-A-Highway program) that are removing invasive vines, (b) assisting the Coalition Coordinator or County Parks Volunteer Coordinator working with the volunteers who work on restoration sites, and (c) work with the restoration consultant on project details.
Example tasks: Sending emails to alert volunteers about project dates, field work to identify safe places to park at project sites, review of tools needed/purchase of, liaison with NYS DOT to be sure documents are up-to-date, work on details with restoration consultant, write up project reports, work with municipalities on what sites they feel need restoration.

5. Person Friday: This is one position that could NOT be boring. Keep tabs on all activities of the Coalition. Basically, a combination of above tasks—based on interest of intern/volunteer.

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