Restoration Projects

The Coalition has an ongoing program to assess, seek funding, and implement restorations along the river.

Your input is critical to this effort, as you may see areas that would greatly benefit from restoration, or may know of partners that could assist us at all stages of work. Feel free to contact the Coalition Coordinator with specific site suggestions: or post them on our blog.

The Army Corps of Engineers compiled a report, “Reconnaissance Study for Flood Control & Ecosystem Restoration,” in September 1999. See About the Saw Mill River/Scientific Information and Reports for listing of recommended restoration sites.

The following sections describe assessments underway, on-going restorations, and projects that have been completed.

Assessment Grant for 2006-2007
The Coalition will be reviewing up to 3 sites for additional restoration work in 2006-2007. Sites being considered are: Farragut Avenue south of current vine cutting site, and two sites directly north of Farragut Avenue. There is a beautiful riffle sandwiched between the South County Trailway and Highway 9, just across from the Westchester Manor Hall. Additional sites being considered include a wetlands section at the beginning of Woodlands Lake.

The assessment will be done in conjunction with training River RATz. Once completed, the Coalition will apply for grant money to complete the project(s). Part of assessments include surveys of flora and fauna. For information on what we’ve done already, look at About the Saw Mill River/Flora & Fauna.

Vine Cutting at Farragut Avenue and Pleasantville
The Coalition has identified two sections of the Saw Mill River (along the Parkway) to work in conjunction with Free-A-Tree volunteers in partnership with the NYS Department of Transportation’s Adopt-A-Highway Program and Westchester County Parks to cut vines. (see Free-A-Tree section on this website)

Woodlands Lake: Meadow and Hillside Project
Completion of two projects at Woodlands Lake in late 2005 and 2006 by the Coalition, along with assistance from River RATz, Westchester County Parks, and AmeriCorps (NCCC).

Meadow: A demonstration native meadow was planted in late 2005 on an old parking lot area adjacent to the Great Hunger Memorial alongside the lake. Dredge from the lake covered the old parking lot and the meadow was planted above it.

Hillside: This area is the hill between the actual parking lot and the parkway. It was covered with vines and non-natives. It was replanted in May 2006.

Wetlands Project
EPA funded a wetlands grant for 2006-2007. The purpose of this grant will be to galvanize a watershed-wide awareness of wetlands and their function within the Saw Mill River watershed communities and to use that awareness in a watershed-wide approach where the cumulative impact will allow effective protection and restoration of wetlands within the watershed.

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