Wetlands Project

Saw Mill River Coalition
EPA Wetland Protection Grant

* Galvanize a watershed-wide awareness of wetlands and their function
* Prepare a single and inclusive document that pulls together basic,
existing information from all the jurisdictions within the watershed so
that the cumulative impact of wetlands on the Saw Mill River system as
well as in each municipality can be more fully understood.

* Collect existing wetlands documents from each municipality, the
county, state, and federal government, as well as local grassroots
organizations and knowledgeable citizens.
* Bring Coalition members together to prepare an initial, concise
review and assessment of the function and condition of the
wetlands(especially regarding flooding and development pressures) and
prioritize them in terms of importance to the watershed and for
restoration opportunities.
* Complete a watershed-wide document that describes and visually
identifies wetlands within the watershed, each wetland’s function
(where documented), and critical issues of concern.
* Provide this information to the Army Corps of Engineers and
Westchester County for inclusion in the proposed Saw Mill River
Watershed Management Plan.
* Conduct a public education outreach program that will include media
outreach and presentations to various audiences, including those that
have impact on decisions and can galvanize local support, such as local
and regional legislators, land-use and conservation advisory boards, and
local and regional planning, zoning, parks and public works staff.

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